Benepom'VISCO FOAM' was developed to provide optimum comfort,

is born for you.

'VISCO FOAM is a new bedding material that provides a pleasant living

environment that complements the disadvantages of memory foam

and maximizes its benefits.

The memory foam is a material developed by NASA's Ames Research

Center to mount space shuttle seats to protect the astronauts.

The memory foam is made by injecting gas into the polymer matrix

creating an open cell structure,

It absorbs shock and pressure, and has the ability to be restored

to its original shape slowly.

Since then, memory foam has been used more and more for

medical purposes, and has been widely used for patients

who have to live on a hard bed for a long time.

Because of pressure transmitted to the patient's body,

it caused blood circulation disorder and caused various complications.

The use of memory foam has revolutionized these symptoms and,

according to research, has also relieved the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

However, because it is made of chemicals, it can cause skin troubles,

Bacteria and ticks can easily grow because of poor ventilation.

And it has shorter life than latex.

'VISCO FOAM' removes harmful substances which are skin trouble elements

and adds antibacterial component,

Suitable for bedding We have been reborn as a material that meets EU standards.

It is a durable material that maintains high density properties and

maintains a 2% reduction rate in 80,000 repeated tests.

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