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      Benepom is committed to providing sleep & ergonomic solutions.

      The perfect formula for restful sleep starts with the quality of the foam, itself.

      The 'High Density Visco' certification mark is to certify that the foam passed

      the extensive performance and quality assurance tests.

      Benepom Visco foam provides the following benefits:

    • C-Comfort Pillow

      Benepom's C-Comfort pillow supports

      sleeper's neck and shoulders in the most

      comfortable postures for a sound sleep

      And single insert foam helps to maintain

      the desirable C-shape of the cervical spine,

      relaxing neck and shoulder muscles tense

      from everyday activities.

    • Mound naturally supports

      and maintains C-Curved Spine

      The new “smart aliments” caused by the daily and intensive use of

      smart tools (laptops, smartphones, driving divices, etc.)

      are becoming very commun nowdays .

      They lead to disorders of the C-spine curve as a ”flattened neck curve”

      and a”forward head posture” that can sometimes aggravate

      to herniated ervical disc.

      The “C-Spine Technology” developed for the C-Comfort Pillow

      helps preventing theses disorders by maintaining a correct and safe

      position of the cervical vertebra during sleep.

    • Prevents ear pain for side sleepers

      Another factor disturbing sound sleep as much as pressured shoulders is

      crushed ears. That is why we developed another innovative feature of the

      C-Comfort pillow - the ear protection area. Holes are designed

      on each side of the pillow in order to prenvent ears from being squashed.

      Thus, sleep comfort is greatly improved, especially for side sleepers.

    • Prevents collapsed shoulders

      If when you wake up your shoulders and neck are stiff and painfull,

      you are using the wrong pillow.

      Our C- Comfort pillow was developed to consider the curve of

      the human body and provide height and support during sleep.

      With the C- Comfort pillow, the spine is held parallel to the mattress,

      preventing stresses to built in your body and offering

      the relief you deserve.

    • Supports the neck and back muscles

      The C-Comfort pillow’s unique design offers a incomparable support for

      the neck and upper back, enabling you to relax and have a sound sleep.

      The support structure comfortably reliefs neck and back muscles from

      supporting the weight of the head, in addition to addressing discomfort

      in the bones.

    • C-컴포트 필로우

      배네폼 C-comfort pillow는

      목과 등, 어깨를 가장 편안한 자세로 유지하여

      숙면과 자세교정에 도움을 주는 기능성 베개입니다.

    • 인체공학적 디자인 기능성 베개

      잘못된 습관으로 뻣뻣해진 목 경추를

      C자 형태의 올바른 자세로 숙면을 취할 수 있게

      해주는 인체공학적 디자인 베개입니다.

    • C-릴렉스 모드

      스마트한 시대에 스마트한 기구들

      (노트북, 스마트폰, 운전)로 인한잘못된 자세, 불편해진 목.

      바른자세와 숙면에 적합한 자세로 유지시켜 주어

      잠자는 동안 편안함을 줍니다.

    • 귀 눌림 방지 귀 보호홈

      숙면을 방해하는 요소중 하나는 어깨 눌림 만큼이나

      불편한 부분이 귀 눌림입니다.

      귀눌림 방지홀은 제품 생산의 생산성을 떨어뜨리는

      어려운 설계지만 사용자의 숙면을 위해C-컴포트는

      고민없이 채택하였습니다.

    • 어깨높이 양면쿠션

      "잠을 잘못잤나 어깨와 목이 뻐근하네"

      원인은 베개를 잘못 고르신 겁니다.

      높낮이가 똑같은 베개는 수면자세에 따라

      인체의 굴곡을 생각하지 않습니다.

      베네폼 C-컴포트는 옆으로 누워도 어깨가

      눌리지 않고 결리지 않습니다.

    • 인체공학적 등받침설계

      숙면을 위해 꼭 필요한 부분을 C-컴포트는 스마트하게 해결!

      바른자세와 숙면의 또 다른 비결은 상부등근육을 받쳐주는 것 입니다.

      하루종일 머리 무게를 지탱하던 근육의 긴장을 풀어주고 편안하게

      받쳐주는 숙면의 포인트를 C-컴포트가 만들었습니다.

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Product C-Comfort Pillow
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Price $150.00
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